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☀️Summer, We've Been Waiting FUR You!☀️

Homescape Summer Tips and Coupon

☀️Finally! Summer is here and our pups have been waiting! Long days, lush grass, water sprinklers, cool treats, and new scents. This is what pups live for.

But wait! Summer time is not all fun and games. There are hazards that you should be aware of that can harm your pet. Here are a few tips for keeping your fur baby safe this summer:

1. 🚗  TRAVEL 🚗 This is common sense, but each summer dog parents have to be reminded not to leave their pups inside their hot cars. Outside temperatures above 75 degrees can be fatal to a pup left inside a car (even with the windows cracked).  Plain and simple:


Those warm summer days can turn deadly in just a matter of minutes. Dogs tend to run hotter than humans. Their normal body temperature is near 102 degrees and they don't do a great job of regulating their body temperature without a little help. Unlike humans, dogs don't have sweat glands. They sweat through their paws and cool themselves by panting to bring cool air into their lungs. Inside a hot car, they begin to inhale the stagnant hot air which causes their body temperature to rise even more. This often leads to organ failure and death within minutes.

Bottom Line: If there's no one to stay in the car (with A/C running) or you can't take your dog inside with you, then it's best to leave them at home. 


2. 🌵 OUTSIDE 🌵If you must leave your dog outside for a long stretch, be sure to provide them a safe, shaded place to relax. If your backyard or patio doesn't have a shaded area, set up a patio umbrella or table for them to lie under. Be sure to provide a comfortable space with adequate airflow such as a raised bed or thick grass. In fact, lack of circulation inside some dog houses can also lead to excessive heat exposure. Be sure your dog house has adequate ventilation and is raised or placed on thick grass.


3. 💦  WATER EVERYWHERE 💦 Make sure your pup has access to clean water everywhere. Without it, your pup can't regulate their body temperature. A sprinkler system or a run through the water hose can be refreshing and healthy. A kiddie pool is the perfect play and drinking station. It can even be their lounging  station! 


4. 🎉 PLAY TIME 🎉 Our dogs can get so excited to go for a walk or a run through the park that they don't know it can be dangerous. Hot pavement, humidity, and skin cancer are daily threats. Be sure to check the pavement using your hand. If it burns the back of your hand, it's too hot for your dog.

Try to schedule walks and play time for early mornings or evenings when it's cooler. If you must take them out in the heat, get a pair of hiking booties to protect their paws. They'll take some getting used to, but their paws will thank you. Be sure to have water with you!


Be safe and have fun this summer!

Nana, Marcus, Quinn, & Minnie 


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