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Can I Travel With CBD?

Is It Legal To Travel With CBD?

It’s the height of the travel season and for many of us, ours pets are going with us. Whether you’re traveling by car or air, it’s important to keep your pet as calm and content as possible (let’s hope YOU can stay calm and content too). Keeping your furry companion at ease may mean giving them a little CBD. But is it LEGAL to travel the roads and skies with CBD?


It’s completely legal to travel within the domestic U.S. with your CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp derivatives with less than 0.3% THC. This made it FEDERALLY legal to possess and purchase CBD anywhere in the country. Most states have adopted the federal guidelines, but there are a few states that have not been as hemp friendly and have put the brakes on cultivating, possessing, or transporting hemp and CBD. Most notable of these states is South Dakota.



In May 2019, the USDA approved transportation of hemp & CBD products across state lines as long as it meets state guidelines. Prior to getting on the road, be sure to check the CBD laws of each state you’ll be driving through. You can often find this information from the state attorney general’s office or website. Even thought it’s legal federally, you may get pulled over in a state that has opted out of the federal guidelines and have to deal with the myriad legal issues that arise from traveling with your pet’s CBD. As mentioned earlier, South Dakota is one of the states that has been particularly unfriendly to hemp and CBD.



Also in May 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updated their guidelines to clearly state that it is now legal to fly with hemp-derived CBD provided they are approved by the FDA or contain no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Although it’s legal to fly with your pet’s CBD, we suggest putting it in your checked bag instead of your carry on just in case. As we all know, any delays at the TSA checkpoint can wreak havoc on your travel.



In order to make your travel go as smooth as possible, here are a few tips to help everyone keep their cool and enjoy traveling:

  1. A week or two prior to traveling, begin introducing CBD to your pet in small doses and increasing as needed. This will allow their system to acclimate to the oil.
  2. On the day of travel, give your pet half of their daily dose approximately 2 hours prior to travel beginning. Give the remaining half about 4 hours into your travel. CBD is metabolized pretty quickly, so this spaced out dosing will allow their system to maintain the calming balance that CBD is known for.
  3. Be sure your CBD bottle label is legible. This will allow any law enforcement or TSA agents to read the contents in the event they have any questions.
  4. Buy your CBD from a reputable company who third party tests all of their CBD products, and willingly provides those test results, also known as COAs. Those tests or lab results should be readily available on the company website in the event you need have them for presentation to an authority figure.
  5. Enjoy your travels with your furry family member!

Now that you know you can legally travel with your pet’s CBD oil, be sure to get a bottle (or two) of our Companion’s Best Day 750mg CBD Oil. Your pet and your sanity will thank you!



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