The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Pets and Friends

Homescape Pets Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It’s officially the holiday season, and we at Homescape Pets know the month of December will just fly on by! Before you know it, you’ll be only days away from Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, and scrambling last minute for the perfect gift for your cat and dog. 

But why settle for just any old treat or toy you can find at the nearest store when you don’t have to? Homescape Pets wants to get ahead of the game and offer our top recommendations when looking for the best gift for your pet. We’ve done the research ahead of time so that you will feel satisfied knowing that your pet is only getting the best quality, the most natural ingredients possible, and the healthiest treats and toys that your pets will LOVE this holiday season!

Here is the ultimate 2019 healthy & fun holiday gift guide for your pets:

  1. SimplySageDogTreats

Keep it holistic for the holidays and check out Simply Sage’s dog treats and herbal paw palm products! Now you and your family can enjoy your favorite holiday cookies without jealous glances from Fido—try their Pumpkin Dog Biscuits or Beets and Mint Dog Treats to add some seasonal joy to his life. And with the colder weather, your pooch will be happy to find Healing Paw Balm in his stocking; no more dry, cracked winter paws!


  1. The Modern Companion

Is your cat or dog an aspiring fashionista? Tell them that there’s no shame in flaunting their flair! The Modern Companion’s line of scarves, bandanas, and more will be sure to delight your polished pet; he or she will be the talk of any holiday party! We also love their affordable prices, making The Modern Companion a great choice for your pet’s best furry friend, too.

  1. P.L.A.Y Denim Pet Teepee

Sure, you can find a decent pet bed anywhere, but do you know where those fibers are sourced? We love an honest pet brand who will go the extra mile to ensure their products are eco friendly and sustainable—that’s P.L.A.Y, and this year, your pet will love playing hide-and-seek in his or her new Teepee (how adorable are these?)! Not only is the Denim Pet Teepee designed with 100% natural materials, but its stylish design will be the perfect addition to your modern home. 

  1. SarahPaintsPets Animal Portraits

We were so excited to find SarahPaintsPets because we not only love supporting artists, but pet portraits make the perfect gift for your pet or any animal lover in your life! Sarah is a truly talented artist who puts her heart and soul into her work. With SarahPaintsPets, you’re not just getting a regular animal portrait—you’re getting a thoughtful painting that’s been custom-made to match your furry companion’s unique and authentic personality. 

  1. Kindred Spirits Sweaters by Dog Threads

Bring on the holiday sweaters! Even better when you can match your furry companion’s style. Whether you’re planning your family’s holiday portrait or trying to win that Christmas sweater contest with your pet, Dog Threads has got you covered. Dog Threads is family-owned and mission-driven so you don’t have to have a corporate Christmas. By shopping Dog Threads, you’ll be getting premium quality goods and supporting shelter animals - Dog Threads donates a portion of all their sales to animals in need. How can you say no?

  1. Wild One Triangle Tug

For the dogs with modern and high-end taste, Wild One’s line of pet toys is the best option for meeting his quality needs without breaking your budget. Wild One tests each of their products with uncompromising standards in mind, making their toys the right gift for just about any size or breed. What better way to release stress than with all-natural, chewy rubber? Don’t worry, the rope is all-natural, too! There’s no end to the health and developmental benefits of tug toys, and the multi-functional design of the Wild One Triangle Tug will make the perfect game for you and your pup. 

  1. Sleepy Cotton Co.

At Homescape Pets, there’s nothing more important than staying true to our mission of natural wellness for animals (and humans!). We fell in love with Sleepy Cotton because of their health-conscious and ethical values: their materials and ingredients are natural and processed with earth-loving methods. By shopping Sleepy Cotton, you’ll also be contributing to animal charity—Sleepy Cotton donates 10% of their profits to animal shelters around the country. 

  1. Stimulating Gifts to Keep Pets Active in the Winter

Winter weight is a real consequence of staying out of the cold, but so are the winter doldrums. Your cat or dog can get a bad case of cabin fever just like us, so this season, we recommend looking for dynamic toys that will keep them active and engaged!

For cats, we love the Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats by Cat Amazing. Not only will your kitty love these award-winning puzzles, but she will adore getting time to bond with her owner as you play together! This Cat Amazing toy is also vet-recommended. Just use treats and kibble to engage your kitty’s natural instincts, so you can work with her exercise and diet at the same time. 

For dogs, try the Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat, a truly unique take on puzzle feeders. Your dog was made to sniff his way to success. Let him use his animal instincts to hunt for his food! Its modern and stylish design will be sure to fit right into your home’s aesthetic while also keeping your pooch engaged and happy. Paw5 products are all handmade and non-toxic… all while being machine-safe, making puppy clean-up easy breezy!

(Any crafty DIY-ers in the crowd? You can make your own snuffle mat! All you need is a rubber sink mat and fleece material. Find out how to try it here.)

  1. Companion’s Best Day (CBD)

Whether you’re traveling with or without your pets for the holidays, looking out for their emotional well-being during this time is an absolute must. We know first hand what it’s like to care for an anxious pet. We also know that you can’t always be with your pet - If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time for them. Family and friends visiting from out of town for the holidays can be fun but can also be stressful for your pets. Companion’s Best Day CBD will aid in your pet’s relaxation, giving them the healthy, relaxing holiday they deserve.

  1. Mussel Mobility Complete w/CBDA

In addition to the stress of the holidays, the colder weather and long travel days (or hours in the crate) can wreak havoc on your pets joints, causing not only aches and pain, but also stress from feeling these new aches. Our Mussel Mobility Complete w/CBDA is an enhanced joint support powder formulated to both ease the aching joints and provide a sense of calm for your anxious cat or dog. Our oils and supplements are 100% organic, putting your mind at ease, too! 

For Homescape Pets, giving back to the community is particularly important during the holidays. Gift-giving makes the holidays joyous and fun, but now more than ever, we’re reminded of animals in need. If you’re looking for a holiday gift that keeps on giving, check out the pet organizations we love and support. Be sure to follow us @HomescapePets to see how else we’re staying involved in the community, and tag us in all your happy and healthy holiday festivities!


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