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What Are Carrier Oils and Why Are They In My Pet's CBD?

When looking at the label of your pet's bottle of CBD oil, you may notice that there's more than just CBD extract in the bottle. You'll also notice an oil. That's called a carrier oil.

In its most pure state, CBD extract is highly concentrated, thick and waxy, so another oil must be used to help dilute and deliver the CBD. By itself, the pure extract is not very bioavailable. Bio-availability means how much of an active ingredient a body can absorb compared to what it takes in. Similar to how taking 1,000mg of vitamin C isn't recommended because your body can only absorb about 200mg at a time. Meaning all 1,000mg is not bioavailable. For CBD to be bioavailable to your pet, it must bond with a fat source in oil for effective absorption.

CBD brands may use a number of different oils including hempseed oil, MCT/fractionated coconut oil, palm oil, grapeseed oil, and others.  Each oil has its own advantages from increased absorption to flavor to texture & viscosity. 

At Homescape Pets, we use organic hempseed oil in both our CBD and our non-CBD herbal supplements. We opted to use hempseed oil over other oils due to its health benefits as a strong antioxidant, excellent source of omega 3,6, & 9 fatty acids, brain health, and more. Additionally, by using hempseed oil as carrier for our CBD extract, we are reconnecting some of the components of the whole hemp plant. This synergy may help boost the overall benefits of our oil.

Before buying CBD for your pet, be sure you know the carrier oil being used and it's health benefits. 


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