Beef Pizzle (Peen-Knots™) - Homescape Pets
Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle / Peen-Knots™ - Homescape Pets
Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle / Peen-Knots™ - Homescape Pets
Raw Beef Pizzle Bully Sticks | Homescape Pets
Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle / Peen-Knots™ - Homescape Pets

Beef Bully Stick Chews (Peen-Knots™)

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4 pieces of beef bully sticks / pizzle (Peen-Knots™) chews per pouch. Low odor!


Each pack is 4-6 oz dried (1.5 pounds raw) and are an easily digestible medium level chew for dogs. You'll get an assortment of shapes including knots, twists, sticks, and spirals for fun mental engagement! They're 100% natural and safer than traditional bleached rawhide you find at big-box stores.

Simply Natural Slow-Dried Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle Chews are high in protein and low in fat for muscle development and increased energy. These chews are packed with nutrients and minerals and are a great choice for improving and maintaining oral/dental care. These pizzle knots and sticks are also excellent for mental stimulation, anxiety, and boredom. 


  • Ingredients: Steer bully sticks.
  • Contains 4 pieces of beef pizzle in a variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • This medium level chew is great for dogs of all sizes and life stages.
  • For a softer chew or different texture and aroma, you can rehydrate the pizzle in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Be sure to throw away any large or sharp pieces if they break off.
  • Single Ingredient, No Preservatives,  No Hormones, No Pesticides, No Antibiotics.


Storage: Store unsealed in a refrigerator for up to 60 days or freeze for up to 3 months. 



Do not leave your pet unsupervised while enjoying these chews, especially if your pet likes to swallow food without chewing.  

If this is your pet's first time trying this chew, please hold it in your hand while they chew until they get the hang of chewing slowly and thoroughly. 

Be sure your pet has the dental strength and patience to properly chew/crush/grind any treats with bone prior to feeding. Feed in moderation.

Be aware that feeding bone or products with bone comes with inherent risks. Please know your dog's chew strategy and watch them carefully when they are chewing.

Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerator for up to 30 days or freeze for up to 3 months.

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simply natural chews
It's like granting all their wishes
Pouches of Simply Natural Chews with trust badges in adjacent boxes | Homescape Pets


Only 1 ingredient

The best chews and treats start and end with ONE single ingredient. Nothing more.

We use only pasture-raised, humanely farmed meat from USA farms and ranches. Then we slow dry it into perfection for your pet.

No. None. Not any.

No preservatives.

No fake "natural" flavors (what is "bacon flavored" anyway? - is it bacon or not?)

No additives. None. Ever.

What's that word?

All of our ingredients are safe, common, and recognizable.

We think you should be able to pronounce everything your pet gets.

If you can't say it, they shouldn't get it.


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