Brand Ambassador Program

Homescape Pets natural supplements focus on the health and wellness of adult and senior dogs and cats. The most common problems that those pets face are pain/inflammation, stress and tension, and joint and flexibility issues. We aim to assist with each of those concerns. Getting older doesn't have to mean FEELING older. Below you'll find details on our ambassador program as well as a brief summary of our products.


The partnership runs for 90 days and can be extended as long as the arrangement is satisfactory for all parties involved. Either party may end the partnership at any time for any reason.

Ambassadors should represent Homescape Pets in a positive light and by doing so, will help to increase brand awareness. Please share with your audience any of your pet’s personal experiences with our products.

You have been assigned a product promotional code. Please see your email for your code. This code provides your social media audience  with a 15% discount on their first purchase at Please share this code with your audience on all of your preferred social media platforms. 

Ambassadors are expected to have strong engagement with their audience. Comments/questions about posted products should either be answered or directed to Homescape Pets to answer. We pride ourselves on being responsive and would like to begin a dialog with your audience.

We ask that you post once per month via your Instagram feed and at least 2-3 times per month in your Instagram stories. If you are active on Facebook or other social media platforms, we ask that you post on those platforms on the same schedule as Instagram. All of our social media handles are @HomescapePets. Additionally, please use the hashtags #HomescapePets or #LetsLoveOurPets.

Imagery used in your postings will be available for Homescape Pets to repost, share, and use as needed for business purposes.


Homescape Pets will provide you with products as needed, at no cost. When you are in need of new Homescape supplements, please notify us via email and we will ship them out to you immediately. Our email is:

Each month, Homescape will donate $25 plus 10% of all sales generated by your code to an animal charity of YOUR choice, on your behalf. Please let us know which charity you would like to support and we will get in contact with them to facilitate the donations.

We will provide you with an accounting of the sales generated by your code each month as well as a receipt showing proof of your charitable donation. The more sales generated by your code, the more your chosen charity will receive. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or (719) 695-9339


Homescape Brand Ambassador Program