Become A Homescape Brand Ambassador

We're looking for pet parents who are:

1. Passionate about their dog or cat & ensuring they live the healthiest, happiest lives.

2. Active & regularly engaged with their social media audience.

3. Great at creating content (photos, videos, blogs, etc.)

4. Ready to share what works for their pet.

5. Looking to make extra money!

You get:

Paid monthly 

Free goodies

First access to new products

Your own custom referral code

Features on our website, socials, & newsletters

Your role as Ambassador:

1. Share your pet's Homescape experience with your audience and friends through genuine, enthusiastic social content.

2. Engage with your audience.

3. Work with us on special campaigns and new releases (holiday offers, promoting special events, etc.).

4. Give us feedback and reviews. It's how we get better for your pets!


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