Black woman standing in front of a window holding and kissing a small beige dog who is smilingBlack woman standing in front of a window holding and kissing a small beige dog who is smiling

Your Pets Are Family.
Treat Them Like It.

Natural supplements & chews for your furry family.

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Small batch, hand-crafted

Pure. Simple. Safe.

Our supplements and chews are formulated to target your pet's specific needs. They work great alone and even better together. Your pet will love them!

100% healthy

Our supplements and chews are clean, safe, effective.

They're packed with functional benefits your pet needs to live their healthiest, happiest life with you.

100% natural

No more than 3 ingredients.

Simple ingredients you'll recognize and can pronounce.

No preservatives. No additives. No artificial flavors.

No B.S.

100% USA made

We're family-owned and operated in Austin, Texas.

All products are made in the USA from local and globally sourced ingredients.

Our mission
Helping you help your pet

Hey there!

We're Nana, Marcus, Quinn, Minnie, and our angel, Beau. We're the family behind Homescape Pets.

Caring for our sick pup opened our eyes to the benefits of natural supplements for pets. We started Homescape Pets to help you give your dogs and cats the healthy, happy life they deserve ... NATURALLY.

Homescape Pets family - Nana, Marcus, Quinn, Minnie and angel pup Beau
Beau, a black mini-schnauzer inside a box looks happily at the camera - Homescape Pets

Natural Cat Wellness

Cats are masters at hiding their discomfort. We can help you protect your kitty to keep them healthy for years to come.

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Natural Dog Wellness

Dogs experience many of the same stresses and discomforts as humans. Let us help you give your pup a healthy, happy, more comfortable life.

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Supplements help
Keep them healthy

Their age doesn't matter.

If your pet is an adult or senior, you can uncover the youngster they used to be. Manage their aches. Get a handle on their stress. Give them more energy.

If they're a puppy or kitten, don't wait until they're struggling. Start now. Keep them active, peaceful, and free of discomfort from now on.