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Signs That Your Dog or Cat is in Pain

What you should look for and do if they’re displaying symptoms. Physical pain in pets is concerning. It can be caused by a number of things including illness and injury. Getting to know the most common sources of pain helps you take better care of your dog or cat in the event that they become sick or fall victim to an accident. You’ll know what to do to comfort them and ease the pain that they’re feeling. Each Animal is Different in How They Express Discomfort Dogs and cats display some similar symptoms yet are unique in how they express them. You’ll find that each animal is different, too, so it’s important to note any changes in your pet’s personality...

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Best Ways to Keep Senior Dogs Active

Give your pets a long life by increasing their health and happiness daily. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly increase their lifespan by encouraging them to remain active. Senior pets may not be as energetic as puppies, but they certainly have a need for regular exercise. That way, age-related diseases such as arthritis and life-threatening ailments such as diabetes may miss your pet entirely because they’re in optimal health. Making it a point to engage in physical activities with your pet helps strengthen your bond while helping them with weight management as well. Obesity shortens the longevity of pets’ lives by years, so having a plan in place that gets your...

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