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Best Ways to Keep Senior Dogs Active

Keep Your Senior Dog ActiveGive your pets a long life by increasing their health and happiness daily.

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you can certainly increase their lifespan by encouraging them to remain active. Senior pets may not be as energetic as puppies, but they certainly have a need for regular exercise. That way, age-related diseases such as arthritis and life-threatening ailments such as diabetes may miss your pet entirely because they’re in optimal health. Making it a point to engage in physical activities with your pet helps strengthen your bond while helping them with weight management as well. Obesity shortens the longevity of pets’ lives by years, so having a plan in place that gets your dog moving is essential to their health and well being.

Some of the best ways to keep senior pets active are included below. You may even discover things of your own over time. If one idea doesn’t work, feel free to substitute it with another from this list.

Making Daily Walks a Priority

Among the easiest ways for you and your dog to work out is to take daily walks. You may not be able to go as far as you used to with your old friend but you can certainly continue doing this activity with your pet as they age. A walk after meals is beneficial because it aids digestion and helps burn excess calories.

Planning Visits to the Dog Park for Playdates

Dogs, just like humans, are social creatures. They love to meet and play with their friends. If you have a two-legged person in your life that you want to catch up with, suggest they bring their best friend to the dog park for a playdate with yours. That way, they’re both benefitting from the experience.

Taking Dips in the Water

Swimming is a great way to keep muscles limber and joints from freezing up. It’s also the type of activity that relaxes dogs. Many community pools open their doors to canines at least once in the summertime. You can also take your pet to the beach or lake where they can frolic and play freely in the water.

Stretching Muscles

An excellent tip for helping your dog stretch is to place a treat in front of them. Ask them to sit. Then, start moving the treat from one side to the next in an attempt to get them to reposition their body. Products such as Mussel Mobility contain ingredients such as green-lipped mussels and turmeric that helps to decrease inflammation and promote movement in aging pets.

Playing with Age-Appropriate Toys

Older pets are still very playful. Swap out their old toys for items that are easier for them to grasp and chew on. For example, Frisbees made from cloth materials instead of plastic are ideal. So are toys without squeakers, and Kongs made of soft plastic because they can be gnawed on without hurting your older pet’s teeth and gums.

Through diet, exercise, and premium supplements such as hemp for dogs, you’re able to maintain your pet’s good health as they age. Take time out of your busy schedule to give your senior dog a little extra TLC. The investment you make in their health and well being is priceless.

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