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Do You Know The Signs Of Cat Arthritis?

Signs of Pain In Cats


When you hear about pet arthritis, it’s usually in regards to dogs while cat arthritis has been largely ignored. It has been estimated that more than 30% of all house-cats suffer SILENTLY from painful osteoarthritis.  These are some of the signs that your cat may be in pain:

🔸Reduction in grooming herself
🔸Eliminating outside the litter box / avoiding the litter box
🔸Reclusive behavior
🔸Unusual irritability
🔸Reluctance to jump onto favorite spots (couches, windowsills, etc)
🔸Licking one area more often than others

What can you do to help your kitty feel better? Here a few suggestions:

✅ Talk to your vet. He/she should be able to determine if your cat is truly dealing with arthritis or not.
✅ Reduce inflammation and manage pain with natural remedies (glucosamine chondroitin, green lipped mussel, turmeric, hemp oil, sea cucumber, etc.)
✅ Groom him yourself. The pampering and bonding time will be beneficial for you both.
✅ Make her litter box easier to access.
✅ Raise his food and water bowl to a more comfortable height.
✅Add a ramp for easier access to her favorite perch.
✅ Look into pet acupuncture, massage, or laser therapy.⠀

Don’t overlook the signs of arthritis. The sooner you notice them, the sooner you can do what’s necessary to get your kitty healthy and active again!⠀

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