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Health Benefits of Raw, Natural Chews for Cats & Dogs

Chewing is probably one of your dog’s favorite activities. Some pups think that whatever they can get their mouths on will be food, but as pet parents, we know better. It can be scary and even a little frustrating to keep Fido away from things that may be fun to chew, but dangerous for his health.

At Homescape Pets, we were so excited to discover all the health benefits of raw and natural treats for pets. For dogs especially, natural chews provide a safe alternative to keeping their mouths busy. And, of course, there are many nutritious delights to be had! 

Our mission is always to help your pets live healthier and longer. Don’t settle for just any chew on the market. Check out these health benefits of raw, natural treats for your pets - both dogs and cats!:

 Natural Chew Treats for Dogs

  1. Dental Health Benefits

We all know how difficult it can be to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Heck, it’s the reason why most pet parents don’t, not to mention how expensive it can be to bring your pup in for regular dental visits at the vet!

One of the reasons why dogs love to chew so much comes from natural instinct. Their wild ancestors cared for their own teeth that way. Now that they’re domesticated, diet and lifestyle play important roles in their dental health. Raw and natural treats won’t replace regular cleanings, but they will certainly add a much-needed boost to his or her hygienic routine. 

Chewing on a raw bone or treat will help scrape off plaque build-up, reduce gingival inflammation, and the motion of chewing will help massage their gums. Even natural duck and chicken feet for pets can be considered nature’s (digestible) toothbrushes!


  1. The Benefits of Live Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are important proteins that support numerous functions in your pup’s body. Their primary function is to help digest and absorb all the nutrients in his diet. Live enzymes also help kill dangerous bacteria that your pet doesn’t need! 

In addition to digestive health, enzymes provide other necessary functions: immune support, regulation of hormones, and anti-inflammatory properties are just a few! Unfortunately, many pets are on enzyme-deficient diets, and a lot of popular pet foods and treats can actually deplete your cat or dog’s ability to produce their own enzymes. Raw and natural treats—especially single-ingredient protein chews—will help prevent enzyme deficiency in your pet. 


  1. No Starches

Most pet foods you’ll find on pet store shelves, including treats and chews, will be loaded with starches. Starches turn to sugars in the digestive process which are not only bad for your pets’ dental health but have numerous unhealthy side effects like weight gain and high blood sugar.... just like in people. In pet food, starches (or carbohydrates) are much like empty calories for humans.

This might surprise you as a pet parent, but dogs actually don't need starches in their diet at all! To thrive, pups need healthy proteins and fats with a small amount of veggies mixed in. When you find grains and starches in store-bought kibble and treats, it’s for the cost benefits of the manufacturers… not your pet. 


  1. Nutritional Benefits

Raw and natural chews offer crucial nutrients: fats, minerals, and proteins are vital in your pet’s overall health. Of course, treats aren’t meant to be the sole provider of a balanced diet, but raw chews are the natural supplements your pet needs!

Low-fat, high-protein natural chews can help build and support muscular health and also provide other nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, and wet glucosamine. But more importantly, you’ll find only quality ingredients that are derived from natural sources, free of additives, hormones, and preservatives.

Natural treats and chews are also incredibly beneficial for joint and mobility health. Just think of the muscle in your pets’ jaws, working to break down those delicious treats! The collagen found in the tendons, cartilage, and ligaments of raw chews will also help replenish the connective tissues in your pup’s body, especially as he ages. 


  1. Mental and Physical Health Benefits

Boredom and anxiety play major roles in your pet’s mental and emotional health. If your pet exhibits destructive behaviors, he or she is most likely missing enough constructive stimulation. As pet parents, we want nothing more than to be with our pets 24/7, but the reality is, we can’t always give our beloved companions the constant attention they crave.

In addition to regular exercise and playtime, raw chews provide your pet with wonderful mental stimulation. This is particularly useful for anxious pets (in addition to pet CBD products!). 


If you weren't already aware, we have an array of treats and chews for both cats and dogs that meet all these criteria: Homescape Pets Simply Natural Chews, which are air-dried, single-ingredient (all meat) and raw, sourced and prepared in the USA from family-owned sustainable ranches and farms. 

Each chew is a natural source of glucosamine, minerals, collagen, protein and many other precious nutrients. Even your senior pets will love the sensation of chewing by gumming and get all the nutritional benefits they need! Since our products are low temp slow dried they can be softened by a short soak in water which brings back some of the natural taste a smell. If your pup or cat doesn't finish the chew in one session, simply put it in a zip lock bag and freeze till next time. You can give it frozen on the next go around!

Be sure to follow us @HomescapePets for updates on the chew release, and let us know when you become one of the first customers to try our new Homescape Pets Simply Natural Chews!


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