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Holistically Handling Cat Anxiety

The independent nature of cats can sometimes lead owners to mistakenly believe that cats are fearless and unbothered. And that couldn't be farther from the truth in most cases. Cats are masters of mystery when it comes to hiding their intentions, physical pains, and stress. As cat parents become more holistically attuned to their cats diet and health, they're starting to better recognize the things that cause and contribute to cat anxiety.

Signs of stress in cats can include marking, crouched positioning, hiding, raised fur/hackles, dilated eyes, flattened ears, excessive hissing or purring. While cats may not need or have access to as much outdoor time as dogs, they still require plenty of mental stimulation, physical exercise, and interactive play time. This can help ward off stress and destructive behaviors.

Unwanted behavior is one of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters. Often showing itself in the form of destructive scratching and urinating outside of the litter box. These behaviors are often caused by stress.

Cats are creatures of habit and anxiety can stem from a number of causes including a new home, new pets, loud noises, and even unfamiliar activity and surroundings (vet visits, travel, family gatherings,  etc.).

If you notice that your cat shows signs of anxiety, there are natural and holistic options to help maintain their calm and well-being.

First and foremost, be sure to provide your cat with ample daily exercise, one on one interaction with you, and mentally stimulating play such as puzzles, feather toys, or clicker training.

Herbs and essences can also help provide calm for your cat.

  • CATNIP can help create a frenzy of action, which in turn can tire your cat out before an event.
  • CHAMOMILE contains apogenin, an antioxidant which can promote sleepiness.
  • VALERIAN  has been known to create a sense of catnip-like euphoria immediately followed by pronounced calm and a reduction in anxiety.
  • CBD has been shown to have positive effects on stress and anxiousness and is often used to increase comfort.

Here at Homescape Pets, we want to ensure that your cat stays as stress-free and happy as possible. Our Restful Pet is a safe and effective herbal supplement of organic Hempseed oil, organic Chamomile, and organic Valerian, formulated to help promote relaxation and contentment. Combine Restful Pet with our Companion’s Best Day CBD oil to create a customized relaxation oil that is sure to help you have the most chill kitty on the perch.


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