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How To Give Your Pet The Rest They Need (and get the break YOU need)

Natural Ways to Help Your Pet Relax
Have you ever seen a dog or cat sleep? They make it an art form. Everyday, our girls Quinn and Minnie-May make naps look good. Being relaxed is a prerequisite for restful sleep. But like people, some pets are hyper alert, nervous or, just plain uncomfortable.

Most pets have moments when they can't relax....whether it's from fireworks, thunderstorms, or household changes like moving. If you find that your pet's anxiety is unusually bad, it's a good idea to chat with your vet. But there are also lots of natural ways to help your pet get on a chill track without harmful and expensive pharmaceuticals.

Enter...RESTFUL PET Hemp Oil, Chamomile, and Valerian RootWe have formulated this oil to help your pet relax in all these situations. Hempseed oil has anti-inflammatory and calming benefits, due to the Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), EFAs, and magnesium. This helps the body relax. Then we added Chamomile Flower and Valerian Root (you can actually see the herbs in the bottle). I'll be the first to tell you…valerian smells a bit like gym socks, but the effects are fantastic!


Quinn and Minnie share the tiniest bed


Combined with hemp oil, these herbs help calm your cat or dog and ease their tension during stressful times. Your pet will experience NATURAL, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE relief from situational anxiety, digestive upset, hyper-activity, and stress.

Restful Pet is generally safe for pets, easily digested (even for sensitive stomachs), and it WILL NOT knock your pet out. Instead, it works as a gentle relaxant to ease your pet into a calm state with their full faculties.

Helpful Tip: If you know that a stressful event is coming up, give a dose of Restful Pet on top of their food an hour ahead of time . The herbs will have started to take effect and your fur-baby will have a much better time of it. Works great for cats and dogs of all ages.

Get your Restful Pet here!

Quinn and Minnie nap well together

(Quinn & Minnie thoroughly enjoy naps)

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