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How to Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy On Hot Summer Days

Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy This Summer

The temperatures are still climbing here in Colorado and all of us at Homescape Pets are feeling the toll that these long, hot days can have on our energy levels. Anyone else excited for the Autumn activities coming right around the corner? As hot as you may be, your pets are feeling the heat as well (if not, even more so!). So, we thought we’d put together a few tips and tricks to help your furry friend stay cool throughout the rest of the summer.

Lookin’ and Feelin’ Cool

Your pets, whether you have cats or dogs, don’t release heat the same way we do. They actually sweat through their paws! Many pet owners think that shaving off their pet’s fur coat will eliminate the heat problem, but full-shave grooming can actually have the opposite effect! Did you know that? 

Your dog’s coat is designed to hold air in and use it as insulation. So, during the summer, it helps to regulate his temperature. When your dog gets shaved, you remove his natural sunscreen and increasing his susceptibility to sunburn and heatstroke. Instead of a full groom, give your pet a “paw-up” by adding in additional brushing, which will significantly help by thinning their coat and removing excess hair that gets trapped in their fur. 

Pack On The Cool

These dog cooling vests are great for cooling your pup down, especially if he’s in a house without air conditioning. The cooling vests allow for a full range of motion and have a great design to allow you to put them on and take them off easily!

If your dog doesn’t love having a vest on his back, try a cooling dog collar bandana! With different levels of cooling (you can use cold water or included ice packs), you can keep your pup cool for hours!

Cooling Rub Down

This is a great one for our cat owners. Did you know that most cats actually don’t mind when their fur is a little bit damp, especially when they notice the cooling effects it has on their skin? In fact, when cats self-groom, it’s essentially the same thing! They are just dampening their skin with saliva instead of water. We suggest grabbing a cool, damp washcloth and giving your kitty a quick rub down so that he can drop his body temperature quickly on hot days!

Sweet (Cool) Dreams

If your pet runs hot, make sure he stays cool throughout the night by getting him a cooling mat like this! Another option is to freeze a water bottle and wrap it in a towel and place it in your pet's bed during the day for them to rest on.

Air Circulation & Shade

Dogs and cats alike often love to hang out in the warm sunshine, but may need a nice shady spot to cool off afterward. If you don’t have air conditioning, it’s important to make sure you have a cool spot for your pet to relax, preferably with air circulation. Sometimes this is as simple as opening a couple windows to allow for a cross breeze. If a cross breeze is hard to find, a small box fan is usually pretty affordable and a great investment! Grab one and set it on the floor near an open window to start circulating fresh air in and stale air out. You can even set a frozen water bottle in front of the fan to create an icy cold breeze!

Drink Up

When temperatures are up, the water intake needs to go up as well. Make sure your pets are drinking more by filling up fresh water daily. Throwing in a few ice cubes will help bring their body temperatures down and can be a fun activity for them as well!

Let’s Have Fun!

Remember the summers of childhood? It was so exciting to get to summer but some of the days were long and uneventful, leading to restlessness and tired behavior. Well, our pets can get bored and extra tired in the heat, too! Rotating toys is a great way to switch things up and keep your pet stimulated. Grab a few toys and hide them away, bringing out a new one every week or so as a new treat! Try a few different types, like ones that dispense treats, ones that squeak, etc. 


We hope both you and your pets stay nice and cool this summer! If you’re planning on heading out of town this summer with your pet, we recommend bringing Restful Pet Hemp Oil, Chamomile, and Valerian for Pets with you. This product is 100% organic and is formulated to promote contentment and relaxation during stressful or tense environments, including separation, travel, and more. 

Summers are typically busy and involve a lot of change, which can bring about stress for your pets. Our goal is to help alleviate some of these side effects, whether it’s by providing tips and tricks on keeping your pets safe indoors during the summer or by helping to reduce some of the stress while you’re out of the house for a fun summer day! Homescape Pets is here to provide helpful tips, resources, guides, and of course, wellness products inspired by our pets and created for yours.

If you have any questions involving your pet’s safety, well-being, or happiness, simply comment below or head here and we’ll do everything we can to support you.  



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