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Senior Pet Socialites Lucy & Holly Have Partnered With Homescape Pets!

Atlanta GirlZ Club

Senior pups and pet socialites, Lucy and Holly of Atlanta GirlZ Club®, are now Brand Ambassadors for Homescape Pets! We are thrilled to have these happy and overall healthy, classic ladies represent Homescape Pets.

Kathi Welch owns Atlanta GirlZ Club an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring her two fashionista doggie models and pet socialites, Lucy (17) and Holly (12). They are writers, contributors and pro pet bloggers for several outlets. Most notably, Atlanta Pet Life magazine where they write an ongoing “PaWty Animals” column featuring the pet social scene and fundraising events, and they write a national pet blog for Vital Essentials®.

With their significant high profile in fashion and fundraising circles and their large social media following, these philanthropic GirlZ are well known pet influencers and public figures. They host and emcee events, are brand ambassadors and couture fashion models, as well as fashion print and runway models. Kathi and Lucy also have experience and backgrounds working in theatre and television. Kathi is a registered talent with Atlanta Models & Talent. Both Lucy and Holly are professionally trained. They are trendy influencers in the pet community and have been featured on CNN, appeared on The Weather Channel with Jim Cantore and in YouTube videos and two books.

Atlanta GirlZ Club burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle Scene well over a decade ago and use their celebrity to shine a light on animal welfare, animal rescues and fundraising efforts. Their brand motto is “We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising.” Their commitment and core mission is fundraising for animals in need.

Lucy and Holly are also senior ambassadors for aging well and living healthy lives. In addition to lots of love, these girls receive both traditional and holistic veterinary care. An important part of their holistic care includes the supplements they take. Kathi has included the Homescape Pets’ line of natural supplements in their day to day lives. Our limited ingredient supplements are formulated for adult and senior pets with the goal of helping your fur-family have longer, healthier lives…naturally. With our focus on CBD, mobility, relaxation, and inflammation, Homescape Pets is providing the supplementation often needed to keep aging dogs and cats in tip-top shape.

Lucy and Holly are a testament to the benefits of a healthier, more natural lifestyle. We are proud to have them spread their message of aging well and living healthy lives with Homescape Pets.

You can follow their fashion and fun on Instagram at @LucyandHolly_ATLGirlZClub


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