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Signs That Your Dog or Cat is in Pain

Signs of pain in dogs and catsWhat you should look for and do if they’re displaying symptoms.

Physical pain in pets is concerning. It can be caused by a number of things including illness and injury. Getting to know the most common sources of pain helps you take better care of your dog or cat in the event that they become sick or fall victim to an accident. You’ll know what to do to comfort them and ease the pain that they’re feeling.

Each Animal is Different in How They Express Discomfort

Dogs and cats display some similar symptoms yet are unique in how they express them. You’ll find that each animal is different, too, so it’s important to note any changes in your pet’s personality and habits right away. If there are signs of physical distress such as big open sores, bleeding wounds, blood or vomit, it’s important that you contact your canine or feline’s veterinarian right away.

Pain Symptoms to Look for in Dogs

You’ll know your dog is in pain when they do the following things:

  • They limp or appear to have trouble getting around. It may be due to a wound or even a muscle or joint problem depending on their size and age.
  • The pooch is panting and it’s not hot out. It could be their way of dealing with and expressing the pain that they’re in.
  • The animal snaps or bites at you. It’s a natural defense mechanism to keep them from hurting more.

Vocalized pain such as yowling, barking or growling are other warning signs that your pet needs care quickly. Reassuring them that they’re going to be ok helps calm their nerves and makes it so you can determine the best treatment options for them. Many times, pain issues can be resolved at home with the instruction of your pet’s veterinarian.

Pain Symptoms to Look for in Cats

Your kitty is hurting bad when they purr excessively, yell out in pain or vocalize discomfort in an unusual way. If your pet is making sounds you never heard before, it’s important to investigate and find the source of their pain. It may require medical attention from a trained professional.

You’ll also notice that cats hide when they hurt or don’t feel good. You may find it difficult to reach them because they isolate themselves in places they don’t ordinarily go. If your pet spends time outdoors and has gone missing, look underneath your home and other structures because they may be hiding there.

A cat that is in pain could sit very still and not want to move their extremities. They may stop grooming themselves or pay attention to one area of their body excessively. If your kitty is licking the same spot repeatedly, it’s likely because it doesn’t feel good to them and they’re trying to comfort themselves.

How Hemp Helps with Pain

Addressing pain in pets immediately is advisable. After all, you don’t want to see your beloved dog or cat feeling discomfort in any way. Hemp oil for pets helps alleviate pain so your furry friend can be their happy selves once again. Using hemp oil when your pet is exhibiting symptoms of light pain helps relax their muscles, get them to rest, and ease their minds while their bodies heal.

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