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Super Simple Supplements For Your Pet!

Simple Natural Supplements for Your Pet

LESS IS MORE. You've heard that before. Well, we mean it. 

Don't let age, anxiety, pain, or low energy keep your dog or cat down. Homescape Pets' supplements can help bring back your SUPERPET .  Each of our products has no more than 3 all-natural, clean, and simple ingredients that you can recognize, pronounce, and have likely consumed yourself!

We've formulated our products to give your fur-baby natural ingredients for a naturally healthy, happy, and active life. Inspired by our pets and created for yours. They're perfect for dogs/cats of all sizes and ages!

Have you noticed your dog or cat struggling with playful activity, slow movement, trouble navigating stairs, or muscle stiffness?

🧡 Try our MUSSEL MOBILITY Green Lipped Mussel & Turmeric Powder for arthritis, advanced joint pain, and body aches. ⁣Restore movement & get your active pet back!


Does your dog or cat get upset when you leave, do they hate riding in the car, or get anxious easily?

💙 Our RESTFUL PET can help! Hemp Oil, Chamomile, & Valerian reduces separation anxiety, stress, digestive upset, and discomfort. ⁣Nature's finest relaxant.


Is your cat or dog sluggish and dragging, has their appetite decreased, are they more tired than usual?

💚 Grab our CALMING RELIEF and help them find relief. Hemp Oil & Turmeric for increased energy, joint stiffness, body inflammation, & heart health.⁣ Bring back your pet's vitality!


Learn more on our Products page and get your cat or dog on the path to a healthier, more active life today!


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