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The 3 Amazing Benefits of Rotational Feeding

Do you ever stop and wonder what it would be like to eat the same meal every day? The majority of pups are doing just that for their entire lives. They’re no doubt grateful for your never ending love and supply for food, but some of them just might be thinking, Come on, Mom or Dad, switch it up! 

Rotational feeding does just that, and it has a number of health benefits including getting pets more interested in their food. But first, what is it?

3 Amazing Benefits of Rotational Feeding

Rotational Feeding

A lot of pet parents are now considering feeding their dogs in ways that are closer to their own habits, offering more variety at mealtime. This is called rotational feeding, or a rotational diet, and involves a number of different factors: switching up kinds of protein, rotating from wet to dry food, and switching from kibble to raw in the same day. 

Of course, whenever you consider a change in lifestyle for your pet, always consult your veterinarian, just to be safe! You’ll also want to talk to your vet about how to properly switch to rotational feeding to ensure he or she won’t experience tummy trouble. 

Here are the benefits to a rotational diet:

  1. Keeps Fido Interested

When you thought about eating the same food for every meal, every day, the first word that probably popped into your head was, Boring! The first benefit is just out of compassion for our pet’s interests. Dogs can’t speak up and tell you how much they like variety. It’s much like taking your dogs on different walk routes and parks. Keep your pup interested and engaged in his own diet. An interested pup is a happy one. 

  1. Maintains Healthy Digestive and Immune Systems

Food intolerance is actually pretty common in dogs, as well as food allergies. Did you know that keeping to the same type of protein or food every day can be a factor? Switching formulas and proteins can help decrease the chance that he or she will develop an allergy. Rotational feeding also ensures that they are getting a wider variety of nutrients. For instance, different proteins provide your dog with different amino acids. 

  1. Makes Pups Equipped to Handle Change

The more variety your pup has in his bowl on a daily basis, the better able he is to adjust to other changes. Traveling and shopping will become easier when that one thing he always eats isn’t readily available. Have you ever left your pet with someone and ran out of kibble or dropped him off at boarding where he will use their in-house kibble? Rotational feeding offers different options for pet parents and caregivers. 

Additionally, your dog will eventually be used to dietary change and will be less likely to experience those tummy troubles at the slightest whiff of change. You’re also able to feed him higher quality food and mix it up with something more affordable, giving your wallet a break. Everybody wins! 

How to Start a Rotational Diet

As we mentioned earlier, you should talk to your vet to see what’s right for your pup. But generally, most pet parents begin by picking one type of food and rotating the protein sources within that brand. For instance, they’ll use the same kibble, but try turkey, lamb, pork, etc. As you are ready to start the new protein, mix the new and the old 50/50 for a few meals to give an adjustment period. 

Once pups are used to that, pet parents can then try incorporating wet food, then raw. The best rule of thumb is to have patience and move as slowly as possible with your pup, giving him time to adjust with you. This will also provide you the time to notice any negative side effects and to either slow down or stop altogether.

Ready to switch it up? Look no further! Homescape Pets can be the first step to your dog’s healthier (and more interesting) lifestyle. Our Simply Natural Air-Dried Chews are a form of protein rotation, with multiple sources: lamb, duck, beef, chicken, goat, and turkey. It’s a great way to incorporate more raw and yummy foods into his diet! They’re a hoot with our customers. Spoil your pup with new chews today!



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