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The Best Gifts For Cat and Dog Moms

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the cat or dog mom in your life? You can’t lose if you find them something that acknowledges the most important part of their life. If you haven’t guessed it... we mean their cat or dog, of course!

With so many fun gift ideas for pet lovers out there, it can seem totally overwhelming to find the purrfect little something. Why get something anyone can find when you can support a small business?

If you aren’t sure where to start, stick with us. We’ve put together a list of some of the businesses we think are truly the cat’s meow.

We’ve pulled together a group of shops with diverse owners to help those from marginalized groups, recognize shops that donate to animal welfare, and to represent the diversity of people who love pets! We’ve included a little blurb about each shop, so you can learn more about where your money is going. 

What are you waiting for? Keep reading to find the best gifts for cat and dog moms!

Check Out The Best Gifts For Cat and Dog Moms


This brand was created specifically with devoted dog moms in mind. They carry adorable hats and t-shirts and even candles. Looking for something really special? Try the Box Of Bubbly. Filled with treats for the dog mom and her fur baby, this custom box makes for a truly great gift.

ClubDogMom is run by the proud dog mom of two sweet fur babies, Leo and Creed. Show your support for this Black-owned, woman-owned business!


If you need a gift for the cat lady in your life, check out If she’s a fan of jewelry, she’ll love this simple cat pendant necklace that has a small crystal for just a little sparkle. While you’re shopping, don’t forget to buy a blanket for a shelter cat. Supplying a homeless animal with a soft blanket to lay on until they’re adopted will touch the heart of any cat lover. was formed by a group of like-minded individuals from a number of backgrounds who want to end the euthanasia of cats in shelters. We love them because 10% of their proceeds go to no-kill shelters and foster groups. 

Sir Darius Brown

If you know a dog or cat mom who likes to keep her fur baby looking dapper, she’ll love having a custom bow tie for her fur kid. Her baby will look sweet and stylish with a new bow on his collar.

Sir Darius Brown is a young black entrepreneur who started his business at age 11 to aid animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. At 14 years old, business is still going strong, and he continues to donate a portion of his proceeds to shelters. 


Does the pet lover on your lost love practical gifts? If so, get her something functional and unique like this handmade poop bag holder! No one enjoys carrying around poo bags, but this beautiful dispenser, made in a Mexican print, is attractive and makes it easy to snag a bag when you most need it. Don’t forget to explore the rest of this shop for other beautiful, handcrafted pet accessories.

The items in this Latinx-owned shop are handmade and inspired by Mexican art. The shop was inspired by the founder’s rescue dog and named after the colloquial Mexican word for a stray dog, firulay or firulais 

Pocha Shop Artesanal

For the pet mom who needs to jazz up her pet feeding station, this adorable placemat from Pocha Shop Artesenal will jazz up a boring bowl. Shop around and you will find a variety of pet accessories as well as adorable dog and cat apparel. Many of the dog outfits are made in traditional  Mexican prints to celebrate the beauty of the fabric. 

Cynthia Soto saw an opportunity and opened the Pocha shop when she was laid off. She partnered with her friend Jessamyn Carrasco Gonzales who created the Benito Moda X brand of apparel for animals. With a storefront in Chicago, this Latinx-owned shop offers employment to other women as well as advice to women hoping to launch their own small businesses.


This is another boutique that caters to the hard-working dog mom. This sweatshirt perfectly explains exactly what it’s like to be a dog mom. In addition to human apparel, Pawmiscuous carries dog apparel and accessories. 

Started by Mariko Miyake, proud dog mom of Penny the Malteagle Weenie, this Asian-American-owned business is totally perfect for the dog mom who enjoys a glass of wine… and isn’t afraid to cuss occasionally. 


Cat moms have perfected sitting still so they don’t disturb a sleeping cat. That’s why the Cat Lady Starter Kit is just what she never knew she needed. It includes a washable catnip mat that will give their cat an alternate place to sit. Janery carries a number of high-quality cat and dog beds as well as candles and face masks for people. 

Jane, the founder, is both a dog and cat mama, so this is the perfect place to shop for the multi-pet household in your life! In addition to being a woman-owned business, Janery does its best to practice ethical manufacturing and supports fair labor. 

Homescape Pets

Of course, we have to include ourselves on the list! We’re putting together an AMAZING holiday gift box of goodies that’s sure to make any dog or cat mom happy. Our boxes include treats, toys, and chews with both dog and cat versions to accommodate all the pets out there!

Boxes will be limited. So wanna make sure you hear first when they're ready? Sign up for our email list. Head to our Contact page. At the bottom of the page, under Join Us, enter your email.

Pet moms will love that our treats are all-natural and easy on their pet’s digestive system. Our chews are made out of ingredients that help clean teeth and add a little extra healthy protein to their pet’s diet. 

We are proud dog parents and started this business to help others provide their pets with a better quality of life using natural products. You can learn more about us and our family-owned business on our Who We Are Page!

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