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Why Is Hemp So Good For Your Pet?

This furry-looking plant is a hemp flower. It is NOT marijuana. It won’t get your pet high, but it can help them get healthier. Let's talk about 3 ways we at Homescape Pets use this plant to its fullest to keep your dog or cat healthy.

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1. CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid). One of the naturally produced cannabinoids found in live hemp flowers, stalks, and leaves. CBDA is the natural, raw, initial form of CBD. Before there is CBD, there is CBDA. This means that CBDA is essentially the mother of CBD.  We extract the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant in their raw, natural state, keeping them at their strongest levels.

Raw CBDA has been said to be more powerful for inflammation, stress, and aches than traditional CBD. Research studies have shown that raw, naturally occurring CBDA works by blocking the COX-2 enzyme, which are enzymes responsible for inflammation and pain. When those enzymes are blocked, inflammation and aches are reduced.  That super strength is why we’ve included CBDA in our Mussel Mobility Complete.


2. CBD. When you heat CBDA, you get CBD. When CBDA is heated under high temperatures, a process called decarboxylation occurs which produces CBD. Yes, regular CBD that you’re used to seeing on store shelves and online. While it may not have some of the potency for certain benefits as CBDA, it interacts differently with the body's receptors and has a slightly different benefit profile. CBD is known to help restore your pet to a more normal state of balance.  It is often used for everyday aches, stress, discomfort, and overall wellness. Your dog or cat can experience this state of wellness with our Companion’s Best Day CBD oil.


3. HEMP SEED OIL. When you cold-press the seeds of the hemp plant, you get hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil contains no CBD or THC, it does have incredible health benefits for your pet.  It has the most ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids (3-1), which has been shown to improve your pet’s cardiovascular function, boosts energy levels, can help reduce inflammation, and may assist in strengthening their immune system. We use hemp seed oil in our Calming Relief, Restful Pet, and it is even the carrier oil in our Companion’s Best Day CBD Oil. It is a wonderful overall wellness oil and studies have shown it to be healthier than fish oil because of reduced possibility of going rancid, and the cleaner nature of the oil extraction process.


From CBDA to CBD to Hemp seed oil, your pet can get the full experience of improved wellness at Homescape Pets. We’re here to answer any questions or help you find the best supplement combination to help your pet live happier, healthier, and longer. 



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