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Yes! Effective May 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updated their guidelines to make it fully legal to  travel via air with hemp-derived CBD oil that contains no more than 0.3 percent THC.  TSA guidelines state:

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Our product line includes:

Calming Relief - Organic Hempseed Oil + Organic Turmeric.  Calms the discomfort and aches associated with inflammation, illness, and aging. Helps enhance your companion's overall wellness.

Restful Pet - Organic Hempseed Oil + Organic Chamomile Flower + Organic Valerian Root. Formulated to promote contentment and relaxation during stressful or tense environments, including separation, fireworks, travel, and more.

Mussel Mobility - Freeze Dried, Raw Green Lipped Mussel + Organic Turmeric.  This powder has been formulated to help maintain healthy hip & joint movement and help in alleviating mobility discomfort associated with daily activity, ailments, and aging.

Companion's Best Day CBD Oil - Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + Organic Hempseed Oil. Promotes a calming balance and overall wellness.

Mussel Mobility Complete with CBDA - Organically Grown Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBDA + Freeze Dried Raw Green Lipped Mussel + Organic Turmeric.  This powder promotes enhanced hip & joint flexibility for more significant mobility issues along with the overall wellness support and calming balance provided by CBDA.

Simply Natural Air-Dried Chews - Single Ingredient, All Natural Chews for Cats and Dogs. Each chew is free from preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors. They are nutrient-rich, sourced and prepared in the USA and are perfect for mental stimulation, mobility support, and dental care.

Our products are safe and effective for all breeds and ages, but work especially well for adult and senior pets. All of our products can be combined with each other to create a personalized, natural wellness regimen that is perfect for YOUR pet!

Homescape Pets products are formulated for cats and dogs of all ages and breeds. We've found that while they are certainly beneficial as a preventive measure for younger pets, they are exceptionally helpful for adult and senior pets aged 3+. Don't wait until your pet is showing signs of health problems. You can help them early on.

The most important reason to select Homescape Pets products is because your pet deserves to have clean, safe, and effective products at all times. Good health does not need to be complicated. We believe in natural wellness, simplified. 

Homescape Pets' products are:

- All-natural
- 3 ingredients or less (most of which are everyday ingredients you'll recognize)
- Use only human grade ingredients
- Contain only organically grown herbs and oils.
- Made of whole herb botanicals which provides all of the nutrients found in the herb
- Mussel Mobility and Mussel Mobility Complete contain natural and sustainably harvested New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels free of herbicides and pesticides.
- Contain NO preservatives or artificial flavors (not even "natural flavors", which is a catch-all for added ingredients)
- Chemical and toxin free 
- Effective, Safe, Convenient, and Affordable
- Made in the USA

We suggest introducing your pet to our supplements as early as 6 months of age. Starting early may help in preventing future health and wellness issues. You've heard this Benjamin Franklin quote: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We wholeheartedly believe in prevention.

Keep in mind that with healthy, active young pets, you may not notice an obvious effect, but you can rest easier knowing that you've improved their overall health. 

Our products are especially effective for adult and senior pets (ages 3+). Those that are experiencing health difficulties may see more significant and timely benefits than those that are still strong and healthy.

Yes. Each of our products is 100% natural and safe for both cats and dogs of all ages. Cats have a reputation for being finicky, but we have found that most of our cat owning clients have had no problems convincing their cats to take our supplements.

All ingredients are shown on each product’s detail information page. They are also displayed on the product label.  We also offer a Glossary of Ingredients here.

We are not USDA certified organic. With the exception of Mussel Mobility and Mussel Mobility Complete, our products are made up of either certified organic ingredients or organically-grown ingredients. Our hemp partners do not use any chemical pesticides. They use only organic nutrients for growth and beneficial insects for pest control. 

- Calming Relief - Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Turmeric"
- Restful Pet - Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic Chamomile, Organic Valerian
- Companion's Best Day - Organic Hempseed Oil, Organically-Grown Hemp Extract
- Mussel Mobility - Organic Turmeric, Freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand
- Mussel Mobility Complete - Organic Turmeric, Organically-Grown Hemp Extract, Freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand 

Homescape Supplements: Shelf stable for up to 18 months as long as proper storage care was taken. While none of our products require refrigeration, keep them in a cool dry place and avoid storing in contact with sunlight. Sunlight has a heavier impact on shelf life than most other factors.

Simply Natural Air-Dried Chews: All chews should be stored in a cool, dry place or refrigeratd for up to 60 days or frozen for up to 3 months.

Yes. Our products are all natural and are not produced in such a way as to create consistencies in colors or textures. We feel that added processes cause the ingredients to lose quality. 

Our herbal tinctures (Calming Relief and Restful Pet) have real, whole powdered herbs in them which will settle to the bottom of the bottle, and if undisturbed for extended periods, will require more vigorous shaking before giving to your pet. You may notice herbal sediment sticking to the dropper. This is normal and simply requires vigorous shaking to mix the product.

Companion’s Best Day will only vary in color slightly as it has little to no remaining plant material as the result of the extraction process. 

Mussel Mobility and Mussel Mobility Complete can range in powder consistency and colors from tan-orange to reddish brown, mostly due to the turmeric. 

If you are concerned about a product you have received, please email us at We will be happy to assist you.

Suggested use of each product varies based on your pet's weight, need, and tolerance.  Please consult your product label for more details. Or email us for assistance at

Just like in humans, results and the time it takes to notice them, may vary from pet to pet.  However, here are a few general guidelines:

Calming Relief - it may take several hours to several weeks to see the benefits.

Restful Pet - it may take 30 minutes to an hour to see the benefits. For greater need, you may increase the amount given.

Mussel Mobility & Mussel Mobility Complete - it may take 2-6 weeks for results to be apparent, depending on the nature and severity of the issue your pet is experiencing.

Companion's Best Day CBD Oil - at the right dosage, it typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes for CBD effects to be noticeable in your pet. It does depend on why your pet is taking these products, whether you are providing enough to combat the symptoms your pet has, and whether CBD has an effect on them.

All of our product are top quality, human grade ingredients and organic, if at all possible. While these are safe for humans, they are packaged, labeled, and intended for your pets! 

COMPANION’S BEST DAY: Ethanol extraction and post-processing methods such as winterization and distillation create our full spectrum hemp extract.

MUSSEL MOBILITY COMPLETE (coming soon): The raw, broad spectrum crystalline cannabinoid concentrate (CBD-a) powder used in our Mussel Mobility Complete is produced using a proprietary water extraction method that preserves most of the cannabinoids in their acid, precursor forms. 

All of our products that contain CBD or CBD-a have undergone 3rd party tests for purity, potency, and cannabinoids content. Test results can be found on the product pages.

Yes. Our CBD products contain organically grown, full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extracts. Remember, each individual plant that makes up the total bulk used for our product will vary a bit even though they are all of the same strain of industrial hemp. All plants vary so it’s not uncommon for different batches or products to have slightly different lab results. There is also some variation that can occur with lab analysis as labs take a sample size of each batch of our products and with any organic material, a sample size can vary from the total batch. Because we use hemp to produce our products, the THC levels in our products will always be less than the legal limit of 0.3%.

Lab testing results for each batch can be found here and on the product details pages. 

No. If you, your pet, or anyone in your household is allergic to shellfish or seafood, please avoid Mussel Mobility, as its number one ingredient is Green Lipped Mussel, a shellfish.

Always keep them in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Basics

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids in the industrial hemp plant. It is by far the most abundant and one of the most studied compounds produced by industrial hemp. Phytocannabinoids (“phyto" means made by plants) mimic the body's own endocannabinoids (“endo" means made in the body) and works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help restore homeostasis. CBD is non-psychoactive and non-toxic for cats and dogs and can have a great deal of benefit for many common forms of discomfort.

Cannabinoids are the primary chemical compounds produced by the cannabis and hemp plant.There are well over 60 phytocannabinoids ("phyto" simply means 'plant made') produced in the cannabis plant, the most of any plant known. The ones you may have heard of are THC and CBD, but by no means are they the only beneficial ones. All animals have an endocannabinoid system  (or ECS) and produce their own cannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant react with it! The only psychoactive cannabinoid is THC. THC is less than .3% by volume of the formulation which is below the legal limit allowed for full spectrum hemp extract formulations. It’s also believed that CBD counteracts THC’s psychoactive effects. You cannot get “high” on CBD formulations.

Industrial hemp has been removed from the Controlled Substances Act with passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. Therefore, it is legal for cultivation, processing, and sale across the United States. This bill makes it legal on the federal level but Individual State laws may vary. It is highly recommended that you research your local laws for specific guidance.

Full Spectrum hemp extractions are produced with various methods but the idea is that all the various compounds of the whole plant remain intact. As of now, this is an industry term since there is no official FDA definition but it just means every thing that can be taken from the plant remains in the formulation. There may be many cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, acid precursors, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals. Lab test results, known as the Certificate of Analysis (COA), may not indicate that some of these compounds are present, but this is common. Most labs don’t test for all things present, just the most important or most studied compounds like the core cannabinoids, and the absence of heavy metals and pesticides.

Broad Spectrum formulations commonly use the same extraction methods as the ones used for full spectrum but some compounds may have been removed or lost in the extraction process. Commonly lost or removed compounds are flavonoids, terpenes and THC.  It can also refer to a formulation that has intentionally limited the number of compounds in the final formulation.

CBD Isolates are absent all other hemp compounds except CBD. These tend to be highly potent. There are some advantages to these if the specific need is to get the benefits of CBD only.

This is a term coined during early research of Cannabis Sativa L.  into the effects of cannabinoids. There are lots of compounds in the hemp plant and it was discovered that many have complimentary or overlapping effects that benefit various functions of the body, both humans and animals alike. To this end, many of these relationships between the compounds found in industrial hemp makes them far more potent or effective as they work on the same endocannabinoid receptors of these various systems. The result is that having a full spectrum of hemp compounds can have a more profound effect on your pet than broad or isolate formulations.

After cannabinoids were isolated from the cannabis plant, research began on how they effect the body. It was discovered that humans and animals all have a built-in system that make the same chemicals as cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, so this system was named the endocannabinoid system!

Plant produced cannabinoids are called phytocannabinoids.  Endocannabinoids refers to the cannabinoids produced in your pet’s body. There are many systems in the body that make similar chemicals to ones that are found in plants. While many of the other systems in the body have been known and studied for many years, the endocannabinoid system was discovered in the 90’s and is still not a part of the medical study curriculum. The ECS receptors are located all over the brain, nervous system and the body of your pet. These chemicals act as messengers and help the body turn on and off functions as needed to help regulate homeostasis, or balance. These extremely abundant receptors  are specifically sensitive to hemp produced cannabinoids (or “phytocannabinoids) which is why hemp extracts are so effective for many ailments of pets and humans alike. 

- Appetite
- Digestion
- Immune function
- Memory
- Mood
- Motor control
- Pain
- Pleasure and reward
- Reproduction and fertility
- Sleep
- Temperature regulation

CBD works in the body by activating receptors in the brain and nervous system – the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It affects different receptors than THC and affects receptors responsible for the regulation of many parts of the body’s systems.

Due to the Federal Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act (DSHEA) guidelines, we cannot specifically state the conditions CBD may affect. The effects of CBD vary for many reasons: potency, amount taken, and the individual pet receiving it.

Understanding the endocannabinoid system (ECS), how it regulates the body, and the cannabinoids interaction with the ECS is important for use of our product but we cannot legally make any health claims about our product. 

There are virtually no side effects of CBD but in some instances there may be temporary drowsiness with heavy doses. There are no psychoactive effects of CBD so there is no chance your pet will get “high”.

No. CBD is non-toxic and only in very high doses will there be shifts in your pets behavior. Mostly drowsiness or mild sedation. Monitor your pet as you give our products and you will become familiar with their tolerances. 

CBDa is the precursor, raw, acid form of CBD. All cannabinoids naturally occur in this acid precursor form in the hemp plant prior to any processing. It is most common for these precursor compounds to be decarboxylated (a process through heating that converts the raw acid cannabinoids to a non-acid form) and used in formulations of all kinds. The bulk of research on cannabidiol was done on the decarboxylated form, however there is growing research that suggests that the acid form of CBD is potentially more bioavailable and works at lower doses than common CBD. 

We highly recommend you consult a veterinarian before use of our products, but since they are all plant based with no additives, there is little risk of adverse reactions. 

Understand that use of hemp has not been part of veterinary study until recently and is still not part of their medical training curriculum. Often they choose to educate themselves about hemp use as research becomes available but most of the information is anecdotal for pets. It is possible that they will have no practical knowledge, but it is still important to work with them and if needed, present information as you discover it from credible sources. There are a few books on the use of hemp product for pets and a discussion with your veterinarian will be important for decisions about the use of CBD products.

Hemp & Hemp Facts

Industrial Hemp and marijuana are both plants of the Cannabis Sativa L. genus. They have almost identical chemical makeup, but the key difference is how much CBD and THC they have.

Marijuana has naturally occurring high amounts of the psychoactive THC  and low amounts of non-psychoactive CBD.

Industrial hemp has very high levels of CBD, and very low amounts of THC. When hemp is processed, the levels of THC are further reduced to below the legal .3% which is negligible and has no psychoactive effects at this level. Only industrial hemp and its products are legal in all 50 states.

Hempseed Oil is a nutritious, oil from the pressed seeds of the hemp plant. It is a nutrient-dense healthy fat, rich in omega-6 and omega-3. Studies have shown that it may help with inflammation, heart health, and cognitive function. Hempseed Oil is very well tolerated by pets of all life stages, and we use organic hempseed oil in both our herbal tinctures (Calming Relief and Restful Pet) as well as using it as the carrier oil for our CBD oil (Companion's Best Day).

Hemp Extract describes the finished product of various extraction processes which contains CBD and other compounds. Our products were extracted by either a combination of organic ethanol, winterization and distillation, or through a proprietary water extraction process. Each method produces a different form of finished product but in principal the end result is a hemp extraction that contains as many naturally occurring hemp compounds as possible.  It is the non-psychoactive, non-toxic compound extracted from the flower of the hemp plant.  It has been shown to promotes overall wellness and it supports many positive physical processes. Hemp Extract in its natural state is thick and sticky. We use organic hempseed oil as a carrier oil with our hemp extract in Companion's Best Day.

All of our hemp extracts are organically grown and produced in the beautiful state of Colorado. 

States have their own laws and regulations regarding Hemp / CBD. We recommend that you check your state laws prior to purchasing.