Who We Are

Homescape Family

We're Nana and Marcus, AKA the humans. We're Beau, Quinn, and Minnie, AKA the pups. We're a family just like yours. Our pets are just like yours. 

In 2016, our 12-year-old mini-schnauzer, Beau, began sneezing violently, followed by nosebleeds and low energy. The vet diagnosed her with allergies. This seemed unlikely to us, considering the immediate onset and she'd been incredibly healthy her entire life.

After consulting another vet, we learned our sweet girl had a nasal tumor. Learning the painful, harmful, expensive, and often-times futile impact of traditional pharmaceutical treatments left us saddened. Given Beau's age and the advanced stage of her cancer, we chose to ensure that she had the best quality of life for her remaining time.

Cancer and her treatment options were what we were facing at that time, but what choices had we made that led us here? Could we have given more thought to the food or medical care we gave her that might have produced a different health result? We will never know in Beau's case,  but after exhaustive research, we discovered that chances are good that different food and care choices along the way may very well have produced a better outcome. This lit a fire under us to find better solutions.

For us, this meant finding Beau a holistic veterinarian and researching healthier diets and natural options for pain relief, joint inflammation, lethargy, and anxiety. She experienced significant improvements in her strength, energy, and happiness in just a few weeks but the end was inevitable. 

Even though our little lady has since passed away, her legacy and our love for her pushes us every day to provide the best, most natural products that we can.  Our Beau deserved the best and that's what we gave her every single day from her diagnosis until her last day. She is our reason. Our WHY.  Our girl. 

The Homescape Pets line of products was created for you and your pets, and inspired by ours. Each product is geared towards making our pets' lives a little better and most of all...a lot healthier. To ensure quality and tastiness, Quinn and Minnie test and use all of our products.

We strive to offer clean, pure products, free of additives or preservatives. The ingredients listed are the only ingredients. Plain and simple.

Eat real foods and be mindful of ingredients. Get outside. Treat your pet’s body right. Treat YOUR body right. Be kind. Enjoy life. This is our code.

We are Homescape Pets and THANK YOU for visiting. 

Nana & Marcus