Why Natural Supplements & Chews Are Necessary

As simple as they are, natural supplements, chews, and treats are a health powerhouse for our dogs and cats. There are many ways that your dog or cat can benefit from a supplement regiment or natural chew session. 

Let's talk about why they're great and how your pet can thrive:

  1. All-natural supplements offer clean ingredients from botanical, mineral, and herbal sources without chemical additives.
  2. All-natural, single-ingredient chews and treats have no added ingredients, preservatives, colors, or flavors.
  3. Fewer, if any, nasty side effects will be noticed with natural supplements and chews.
  4. Fewer ingredients leads to a more relaxed and natural digestive system.
  5. Supplements and chews are an excellent preventive option to help reduce the frequency of vet visits and prescriptions, in some cases.
  6. Natural supplements are easily weaned once improvement has been realized. They are non-habit / non-dependency forming.
  7. Generally, there are no problems with adding supplements to your current pet food or traditional medications. Check with your veterinarian first.
  8. Real meat chews are an excellent addition to your pet's current diet and fantastic for their dental and gum health. 
  9. Supplements often have additional benefits in a number of areas. The Homescape line of supplements and chews may offer improvements in:
  • joint mobility + flexibility
  • digestive + brain function
  • cardiovascular + immune function
  • anxiousness + energy levels
  • skin/coat + hot spots
  • dental + mental stimulation