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Hemp and Turmeric
Calming Relief Hemp and Turmeric Oil
Calming Relief: Hemp + Turmeric Oil
Dog eating Hemp Oil
Dog eating Calming Relief Hemp Turmeric Oil
Hemp Turmeric Oil for Dogs and Cats

Calming Relief: Hemp + Turmeric Oil

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Improve your pet's health and vitality with the Homescape World CALMING RELIEF Hemp & Turmeric Oil 🐾

√ BENEFITS OF HEMP & TURMERIC OIL: Relieves joint pain, aches, inflammation, gastrointestinal upset, muscle spasms, appetite loss, nausea, and more!
√ SAFE & EFFECTIVE with no harmful side effects. Derived from non-psychoactive Cannabis sativa L. hemp plants. Perfect for cats and dogs with sensitive stomachs.
√ ESSENTIAL OMEGAS: 3:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio for strong immune systems, heart health, and joint strength.
√ IMPROVED SKIN & COAT with daily consumption of hemp oil and turmeric. Reduces itchiness and helps to restore shiny coats.
√ ALL NATURAL! Contains only 2 ingredients: Hemp Oil and Turmeric. Healthy and safe for pets!

√ MADE IN THE USA! All of our health supplements are manufactured in Colorado Springs, CO and Austin, TX!

Packed with Omegas, Aminos, and Protein, your pet will experience all-natural, SAFE and EFFECTIVE relief from joint pain, arthritis, aches, inflammation, muscle spasms, digestive upset, and nausea. Used frequently for therapeutic and palliative care.

Help your pet enjoy better health without the unpleasant side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals and the high costs associated with repeated vet visits. Calming Relief is derived from non-psychoactive Cannabis sativa L. hemp plants and contains no THC.


Hempseed Oil: Perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids required for a strong immune system, healthy skin and coat, and reduces the effects of degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.

Turmeric/Curcuma Longa: High level Antioxidant, enhances cardiovascular circulation, improves organ function, calms digestive disorders, reduces inflammation, fights degenerative brain disorders, helps treat inflammatory skin conditions, and also offers a soothing, anti-anxiety, calming effect.

Our CALMING RELIEF Hemp & Turmeric Oil is made in the USA and has no added flavors or ingredients. It has the natural, nutty taste of hempseed and the earthy taste of turmeric. Most pets don't mind it.

INGREDIENTS: 1fl oz bottle contains 250mg of natural, raw Hemp Oil and Turmeric (Curcuma Longa).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well. Use 1-2 times per day. Place on pet's food (preferred method) or into the mouth (if your pet allows).

<25 lbs = 15 drops

26-50 lbs = 30 drops

51+ lbs = 60 drops

Contains no THC.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Not all animals respond to treatment in the same manner. Individual results may vary. Consult with a licensed veterinarian before administering any supplements.

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