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The Benefits of Choosing an Integrative Veterinarian

When looking for a veterinarian to care for your pet, it’s important to understand the different kinds of veterinary treatments available, such as conventional, holistic, allopathic, or integrative. Some pet parents may shy away from a purely holistic veterinarian or a purely conventional one, and understandably so! That’s why integrative veterinary medicine has become an increasingly popular option for pet care.

Choosing an Integrative Vet


Integrative veterinary medicine is a comprehensive approach to pet care, combining traditional and holistic treatments to best suit your pets’ healthcare needs. At Homescape Pets, we understand the importance of conventional, Western medicine, while also strongly believing in the value of having alternative options. We know first-hand that when your furry family members are struggling or hurting and conventional treatments aren’t working (or even worsening your pet’s condition!), you’ll try just about anything. 

So, we’re here to offer you another way, and to help you understand the benefits of choosing an integrative veterinarian: 

1. Integrative Treatments Offer Variety

As humans, it’s hard not to trust your conventional doctor—after all, you’re not the one who went through all those years of medical school! But it’s also important to remember that doctors are not infallible and that you should feel empowered to seek out different answers. You have to be your pet's advocate! When it comes to conventional medicine, especially, veterinarians only have a select number of approaches. 

For example, your conventional vet will administer antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection, but a holistic vet will work on your pet’s natural defense mechanisms with natural supplements and evaluations. Why not both? With integrative veterinary care, there are options, and options mean you have a greater chance of success.

2. Your Pet Receives Empathy and Compassion-Based Care

Whatever form of healthcare you’re seeking, bedside manner is widely understood to be a fundamental necessity for medical practices. One of the things we want most out of our relationship with any doctor is empathy, knowing that we will be treated kindly as a unique individual.

Holistic veterinarians keep compassion at the core of their practice so that your pet experiences the least amount of anxiety and fear as possible under their care. Many integrative veterinarians employ Fear-Free Certified practices, or even utilize more holistic approaches such as Reiki healing and massage.

3. Integrative Medicine Thinks About Preventative Care

 A lot of pet parents tend to bring their pet to the doctor as often as they take themselves… that is to say, waiting until there’s a reason, such as illness, to see a medical professional. We get it—it can be laborious and expensive to take your cat or dog to the vet! 

However, your veterinarian can only do so much when they finally examine your sick pet, oftentimes resulting in the conventional pharmaceutical answer. Instead, holistic and integrative vets want to help you maintain your pet’s health beforehand, looking closely at his or her lifestyle, mental health, and diet. Holistic vets believe in the body’s natural responses. Their care works in tandem with the idea that the body is built to treat itself. That means helping you understand how to prevent illness, meaning fewer expensive visits in the long-run!

4. Integrative Vets Take Natural Approaches

The subject of conventional medicine can be pretty divisive. One of the arguments for it is completely understandable: it often feels like the downsides and side effects of pharmaceutical treatments are worth it compared to the potentially severe trauma of your pet’s condition! 

We’ve been there! When our Beau got sick, we learned the harmful and futile impact of these more traditional pharmaceutical treatments, which inspired us to do better and increase the quality of life for our pets and others. We questioned what led us down the path of needing these treatments to be prescribed and ultimately founded Homescape Pets as a way to help our pets (and yours) lead healthier and happier lives.

Natural remedies promise alternative options without harmful toxins and chemicals, all while treating a wider variety of conditions. As you know, Homescape Pets is passionate about all-natural wellness for pets. While it’s sometimes unavoidable to go the traditional route, we know that natural and homeopathic treatments will always be safe and healthy. Homeopathic treatments address the immediate condition, but will also offer many other benefits, such as increasing your pet’s overall happiness and quality of life! 

5. Many Integrative Veterinarians Offer Titer Testing

Titer testing has been helpful for pet parents who are anxious about adverse reactions to vaccination or overly-vaccinating their pets. As we mentioned earlier, holistic veterinarians believe in the body’s ability to care for itself, and that includes antibodies. Titer testing is a way to find out whether or not your cat or dog already has enough antibodies to fight viruses for which they’ve already received vaccines. 

These blood tests will examine your pet’s immune system, and measure his or her antibodies since the last time they received a vaccination. Having this information is ultimately helpful in helping determine whether your pet should receive a yearly vaccination or booster, decreasing his chance of allergic reaction or over-exposure. 

For a lot of pet parents (including ourselves!), integrative veterinary care has been a relief. We no longer have to stress over limited and often harmful remedies when integrative medicine focuses on our four-legged companions’ overall physical, emotional, and mental health.


That’s why Homescape Pets is in the business of providing safe and natural alternatives for your pets, too! Our supplements are designed to address a wide variety of conditions all while keeping your pets happy.

Try our Calming Relief Hemp & Turmeric Oil for Pets and our Companion's Best Day CBD Oil , both of which support your companion’s recovery from discomforts associated with illness or aging while also promoting his or her overall wellness. And be sure to follow us @HomescapePets to find out more ways to integrate holistic care into your pet’s day-to-day life!


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