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Can CBD Help With Dog Behavior Issues?

Behavior issues are a common but troubling problem for dog owners, especially since every dog is different, and they don't all respond well to the same training or treatments. In the last several years, CBD has become one of the leading forms of alternative therapies for both people and pets.

CBD can help with dog behavior problems

Although there are many who are skeptical about its use and the extent of its effectiveness, especially in the veterinary world, CBD has been shown be beneficial in helping calm nervous dogs and manage their behavior. There is a great deal of research currently being done for all the various uses but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. Before you give your dog CBD, however, research is vital. 

Your vet is a great place to start looking for answers about your dog's behavior. It is important to understand that your vet may be unwilling to discuss or recommend CBD, and with good reason. Based on their veterinary medical training, they may not have information on CBD because it currently is not part of the curriculum at any veterinary school, and is not authorized to be prescribed by the veterinary governing bodies in many states. Their field of study simply hasn't caught up with the newness of CBD as an option. If your vet cannot or will not discuss using CBD for your pup, you may want to find an integrative veterinarian who's experienced in CBD usage for pets. This type of vet may be more willing to make recommendations on CBD, ensure that the product you get does not have any major health risks for your pet like drug interactions, and specify the correct amount to administer. 

Root of the Problem

While CBD may lower the intensity of your dog's behavior problems, it will likely not correct any learned behaviors. This can only be addressed through proper professional training. These unwanted behaviors can be due to lack of training, consistency or them trying to manipulate you! Many dogs act out because of how they've interpreted certain experiences such as neglect and abuse or even the absence of experience or learning which is extremely common with adopted pups. Although CBD may be a good choice for your dog, you should still consult with a professional trainer/behavioralist to help manage your dog's behavior. Doing so will help your pet lead a much happier life.

Finally, you may have to accept that certain behaviors cannot be changed in your pet. As an act of love you can still take all these steps to better understand your pets needs or limitations and learn to work around them. For instance, certain breeds are simply high energy...talking to you Blue Heelers and Australian Cattle dogs! CBD can definitely help them relax, but they simply must burn off that energy every day. Their high intelligence and high energy requires it and there is no substitute.  

If your pup is exhibiting behavior problems such as separation anxiety, aggression, or hyper-activity, CBD may be able to help by providing a measure of balance and calm which will allow them to process and be more accepting of their training lessons. CBD is not a substitute for proper training. Instead, it should be used as a training tool or complement to the other actions to help your dog achieve their best behavior.


CBD oil for dogs has an excellent safety profile, it's the additives you should be cautious of. Reputable brands are willing to openly share proof of third-party lab testing and all ingredients. Products should be for pets only because certain flavorings and sweeteners found in human CBD products can be toxic to pets. Organically grown CBD is the best, and the recommended amount is based on your pet’s weight. Giving your dog more CBD than recommended will not necessarily improve their behavior. Besides, research has determined that dogs are actually more responsive to CBD than humans! Again, CBD is no substitute for training, exercise and comfortable environments. 

Final thoughts and dosage

CBD can be given daily and it's a good practice to split the daily dose between morning and evening to get a lasting effect. Dosages are typically in a range of 1-3mg per 1kg (2.3lbs). Start at the low range and only increase if you don't see the desired results. Many brands have a variety of potencies. Look at this carefully so you can understand how much to give you dog. Your vet may be able to sort this out if you are having trouble. 

Research is your best strategy when it comes to choosing the best type of CBD for your four-legged companion. 

If your furry friend is having trouble being calm, try a combination of our Companion's Best Day CBD and Restful Pet  to help them feel more at ease! Restful Pet is a great complement to Companion's best day when the behavior problem is situational, like thunderstorms, fireworks other non-routine stressful events. Just give them together 30 - 45 minutes ahead of an expected disruption and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised! 



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