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How Can CBD Help My Pet?

CBD is widely known to have positive health benefits for both humans and companion animals. CBD works by communicating with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for regulating how our pets feel, move, and act. That communication encourages the brain to promote system-wide balance within the body, leading to better health in a wide range of areas:

CBD has been known to assist with:

  • Age and activity related joint discomfort
  • Inflammation response
  • Situational anxiety and stress
  • Digestive, neurological, & immune function

Soon after beginning a CBD regimen with your pet, you may notice a more calm, relaxed demeanor, a return to more normal activities, better mobility, and an overall return to wellness.

CBD and other herbal supplements are not guaranteed to show immediate results. Each pet's response/results will vary depending on their specific needs. You may notice results as quickly as 30 minutes or as  long as 4 days.  The most significant  effects are typically seen in 7-10 days.

In addition to the health benefits of CBD, the organic hempseed oil we use in our Companion's Best Day CBD oil has the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3, which are necessary for muscle, organ, and cellular function in pets. 

Prior to adding CBD or any other supplements to your pet's diet, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian first.


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