Beef Pizzle (Peen-Knots™) - Homescape Pets
Beef Pizzle (Peen-Knots™) - Homescape Pets

Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle / Peen-Knots™

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4 pieces of beef bully sticks / pizzle (Peen-Knots™) chews per pouch. Low odor!


Each pack is 4-5 oz dried and are an easily digestible medium level chew for dogs. You'll get an assortment of shapes including knots, twists, sticks, and spirals for fun mental engagement! They're 100% natural and safer than traditional bleached rawhide you find at big-box stores.

Simply Natural Slow-Dried Beef Bully Sticks / Pizzle Chews are high in protein and low in fat for muscle development and increased energy. These chews are packed with nutrients and minerals and are a great choice for improving and maintaining oral/dental care. These pizzle knots and sticks are also excellent for mental stimulation, anxiety, and boredom. 


  • Ingredients: Steer penis / bully sticks.
  • Contains 4 pieces of beef pizzle in a variety of shapes. Low odor!
  • This medium level chew is great for dogs of all sizes and life stages.
  • Slow-dried at 145 degrees.
  • For a softer chew or different texture and aroma, you can rehydrate the pizzle in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Be sure to throw away any large or sharp pieces if they break off.
  • Single Ingredient, No Preservatives,  No Hormones, No Pesticides, No Antibiotics.


Storage: Store unsealed in a refrigerator for up to 60 days or freeze for up to 3 months.